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AirBoss Engineered Products Inc. venture began on January 18, 1930, when Alfred Lambert, an important businessman, who had already been working in the footwear industry since 1892, decided to manufacture a wide range of rubber boots and shoes in response to the growing demand.

To design boots and over-shoes that would meet the needs of the armed forces, police, firefighters, workers, miners and others.

After a modest beginning, supplying the armed forces during World War II gave a real boost to the company's production output. Now, our AirBoss-Defense Division has an international reputation due to its technical expertise and know-how.

During the same period, AEP developed a new range of products to fill its existing production capacity. This division is now devoted to conception and manufacturing of rubber material whose high quality standards have brought to us world class companies and enabled us to enter the market of custom mixing, custom extrusion
and moulded products.


In 1999, AirBoss of America Corp. acquired the company founded by Alfred Lambert, which, under his leadership and technology became AirBoss Engineered Products Inc. (AEP). The company was first known as "Acton Rubber Limited" and then "Acton International Inc.". Later AirBoss Engineered Products Inc. became the Quebec affiliation of AirBoss of America Corp. having another plant in Kitchener, Ontario - operating under the name of AirBoss Rubber Compounding. Today a 3rd facility is in operation in Scotland Neck, North Carolina.

AirBoss Engineered Products (AEP), a leader in custom rubber mixing, calendaring and extrusion develops, manufactures and markets high-quality; proprietary rubber-based products which provide enhanced product performance. AEP's continuous improvement program ensures that its product and development process will allow us to grow and maintain our performance edge in increasingly specialized markets.

AEP today boasts a truly impressive track record. We mix more than 100 recipes to demanding specifications with the list of products to increase as new sophisticated equipment is acquired.

Based on our knowledge of the industry and state-of-the-art technology, AEP is determined to retain the enviable position and reputation it holds in the industry.

AirBoss Engineered Products Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified (Quality
Management System).